Why Decatur Home Buyers Should Talk To A Mortgage Lender ASAP

Why Decatur Home Buyers Should Talk To A Mortgage Lender ASAP

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Why Decatur Home Buyers Should Talk To A Mortgage Lender ASAP

Many who are thinking about becoming Decatur home buyers avoid going to a mortgage lender until the last possible moment.  They put this off until they have their down payment in their bank account and have their credit at the best possible place.  

While these are great goals to have when buying a Decatur house a mortgage lender does not care about these things until a buyer is ready to make a purchase.  This is why home buyers should make visiting a mortgage lender an early priority.

When preparing for your meeting, be ready for to discuss these five steps to obtain the mortgage amount that is desired.

Almost Ready to Buy

Even though a Decatur buyer may feel unprepared to buy a house, they may be in better shape than they think.  There are many Decatur buyers who still think they need a huge down payment to purchase a house. While this is a good way to approach home buying, it is not always necessary.

Talking to a mortgage lender can open up a world of possibilities for loan options.  If there are not any options that are right for a buyer the lender can recommend what the best option is to work for.

Credit Score

People who are striving to get a perfect credit score before they get a house will be renting for a long time.  Getting an immaculate credit score can take a long time, especially if there are any credit problems in the past.  

Decatur buyers should start repairing their credit as soon as possible.  However, they do not need to have perfect credit to qualify for a loan. Many lenders who with those that have good, fair, and even poor credit.

Repairing Credit

A mortgage lender will help a Decatur buyer who needs to repair their credit.  They know how to get a credit score where it needs to be. When first meeting with a lender ask for a soft credit check.  This check is not going to bring down a credit score like a hard inquiry but it does allow the lender to look at where the buyer stands.

After getting their credit check the lender is going to review financial statements.  This includes all bank accounts, investment accounts, and retirement accounts. All debts need to be accounted for, as well. Then a lender can discuss problems they see in the past credit history and in the current history.

Even if there are major problems with a person’s credit score a lender is there to help.  Explain what happened if a loan went into default. Or seek help to consolidate debts. The lender can act as a guide to better that credit score and make it ready for a mortgage.

Down Payment

Mortgage lenders may have multiple types of loans they can offer Decatur home buyers.The biggest factors to take into consideration are the buyer’s situation and how long they have to prepare for the mortgage.  Keep in mind that there are some mortgages that do not need a large down payment. This means it is not necessary to save twenty percent of the value of the desired home.

Having a larger down payment is beneficial.  It can help to reduce monthly payments, may call for a better interest rate, and makes the buyer more appealing for a lender to offer a loan to.  This is why a buyer should weigh their options. Saving for many years for a down payment is an option for some while others need a home right away.

Even though a person may not be able to save more money for a Decatur down payment they may still be able to get one.  There are some local programs that give people money for down payments. Most of these programs will require the buyer to take classes about responsible home ownership in return.

Best Foot Forward

Meeting with a mortgage lender early in the process means a Decatur buyer will get a better offer on a mortgage down the road.  So long as they listen to their lender’s advice.

Taking the advice of a lender to heart and making financial changes is a good way to get a low-interest rate and to get a mortgage for the desired amount.  A first-time Decatur buyer will benefit from talking to a lender and getting prepared for the long process of applying for a mortgage.

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