Unexpected Things Decatur Home Buyers Fall in Love With

Unexpected Things Decatur Home Buyers Fall in Love With

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Decatur Home Buyers

Unexpected Things Decatur Home Buyers Fall in Love With

When we think of what’s going to make Decatur home buyers fall in love with a house we usually think of the same elements. Typically this includes designs like a gourmet kitchen or the open floor plan. These are the key features we need in a Decatur house, right?

Well, those things might be important for Decatur home buyers, but the things that actually make a homeowner fall in love with their house are the small things that you might not notice until you’re already living in the house. Here are some examples.

The mature tree in the yard

Trees can bring a lot of hassle especially when they lose their leaves in the fall. You also have to carefully consider the placement of the tree in regards to your Decatur house to see if you have to worry about roots messing with your foundation.

But, there are some benefits of having a mature tree in your yard that just can’t be replaced. It can be the place to hang the tire swing, build the tree fort, or rest in the shade. These are the simple things that your family will enjoy that will make you fall in love with your home.

Lighting options

You’ve probably heard how important having lots of natural lighting is in a house, but it’s more than that. While natural lighting can’t be replaced, a house that’s loaded with lighting options can be just as important.

What happens when winter hits and it gets dark early and the forecast is loaded cloudy days? Then, that natural lighting leaves something to be desired. This is where overhead lighting comes in handy. Adding in extras such as dimmer switches make it even nicer so you have full control over the lighting in your Decatur house.

Outdoor space

When you are looking at Decatur houses you might be purely focused on the inside. However, it might be the outside areas that actually put the house over the top for home buyers.

When looking at houses think about how you’re going to use the outdoor space. Do you have, or plan on having, kids that will want to play tag, baseball, or head out on some other adventure in your backyard? Do you enjoy cooking and entertaining outside? When you know how you want to use it you can prioritize this during your Decatur home search.

A large tub

This one might catch Decatur home buyers off guard – especially if you’ve never had one before – but a large soaking tub can be just the thing you need at the end of a long day. While it’s not something that you might think you will enjoy, if you end up with one in your house give it a try a few times before you write it off completely.

While Decatur home buyers tend to focus on the larger details of the house like the square footage, location, and floorplan, it’s often the small, and unexpected, things that make them fall in love with the Decatur house. If you have something you know is important to you where you are currently living think through if that should be on the list of what you look for as you move forward.

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