Selling a House But Receiving No Offers?

Selling a House But Receiving No Offers?

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Selling a HouseWhen selling a house it is not good to have it sit on the market for too long.  If there have not been any offers, or they have not worked out, a house may stay for sale long past what the owners desire.  Buyers will see a house that has been on the market for long periods of time as flawed in some way.  They do not trust that the house is worthy of a sale and will avoid viewing it.

Think about these few aspects of selling a house if the market is dull.


It is not possible to change the location of a house.  While a location may not be desirable, a homeowner can help point out what is desirable in the area.  If there are any conveniently located stores or parks, be sure to point this out to the buyer.  Make sure the house is so welcoming that the buyer can overlook the location because they have to have this perfect house.

Cleaning and Updating

When a house has been on the market for too long it could be due to the condition of the home.  Take some time away from the market and give the house a small make-over.  That means deep cleaning every nook and cranny in the house until it is spotless.  Make sure there is no clutter or personal belongings throughout the house.

If there are certain aspects of the house that many potential buyers are commenting on, fix it.  The benefit of knowing what buyers dislike about the house is that it can be fixed.  Once the house is clean, decluttered, and problems are fixed, re-list the house.


In the event no cleaning or organizing needs to be done, the problem may be with the price.  When a house has too high of a price it will stay on the market, no matter how updated it is.  People are unwilling to pay extra when they are able to purchase a similar house for less.  Dropping the price can bring in buyers that may have passed up the house previously.

Watch the Market

When debating on a price it is always better to do what is most comfortable for the seller.  Starting out at a higher price and working down to a more reasonable one is better than taking a very low price and being frustrated after the sale is final.  No seller needs to have remorse about the amount of money they got from selling their house.

Selling a house is unlike any other product.  Sellers and buyers have different opinions on what is reasonable and it can be difficult to come to an agreement.  This can create a stagnant sale which frustrates the seller and the agent who is working hard to sell the house.  To help change the pace of the market look at the price of the house, pay attention to the market, and do a little upkeep on the house.

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