Sell a House Fast: 5 Areas to Update

Sell a House Fast: 5 Areas to Update

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Sell a HouseUpdated homes sell faster. Unless a buyer is looking for a house to update and renovate on their own, many people want a move-in ready house. The best way to appeal to these home buyers is to make a few simple updates, maybe a major renovation if it is in the budget, and think about the market that the house is in. For a family oriented neighborhood, there are a few vital parts of a house to pay attention to.  

Cooking For the Family

No one likes to cook in a small run-down kitchen. For many home buyers, the kitchen is the selling point in a house. They love to see updated appliances, new paint on the walls, and refinish cabinets. While an entire renovation of the kitchen can make the house seem more appealing to buyers, it is not needed.

Floor Plan Ideas

An open floor plan is becoming widely popular. It is a much more inclusive design for a house since more areas can be viewed at once. It can greatly help show a house since there will be more natural window light streaming into the open home. If the house does not have an open floor plan, consider creating one.

This is a large renovation project, so make sure to have the dedication to see it through. It means taking down walls, creating half-walls, putting up posts and spending a lot of money. The key to this project going well is to make sure the wall is not vital to the overall structure of the home. Never compromise the integrity of the frame of the house to try to open up the area.  

Relaxing on the Balcony

This is one aspect of a house that either is there or it is not. To add a balcony into a home is a great endeavor unless it is already designed to have one. Balconies are a great selling point. If the house does have one, be sure to emphasize it. Spruce it up with plants or new paint to really showcase the potential for relaxing mornings on the balcony.  

BBQs on the Deck

Similar to a balcony, a deck can really draw in the social buyer. People love to see a large deck where they can BBQ, drink, and visit with friends and family. If the house currently has a deck, but it is lackluster, take some time to update it. Get new paint, change the landscape to feature the deck, and be sure to talk it up during a showing.

If possible, add onto the deck or even add one in. While it is a large cost up-front, it could be the one part of the house that makes a buyer decide that it is their dream home. Families love a nice deck where they can sit and watch as the children play in the yard. All from the comfort of some comfy chairs with a drink in hand.

Gorgeous Gardens

Making sure the yard is tidy is a must. Take that one step further and add in a garden. A well-groomed garden with vegetables or flowers is a great addition to any home, even if a landscaper is needed to start the garden. Buy plants that are already blooming to really up the wow-factor and bring some color to the yard.

Home buyers are drawn to updated and beautiful homes. While no homeowner wants to pour a lot of money into a house they are leaving, sometimes it is necessary to spend a little to sell. Small updates can work if a large sum of money cannot be spent. New paint, a few plants, and a well-presented house go a long way, especially if the home already has must-haves like a deck, balcony, or large kitchen.

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