How Selling a Hall County House Furnished can Impact Your Sale ( For Better or Worse)

How Selling a Hall County House Furnished can Impact Your Sale ( For Better or Worse)

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sellingHall County homeowners often want a fresh start when they move into a new home.  They do not want to see their old furniture in their new house or they simply want to update their décor ideas.  

Moving furniture can also be costly and annoying.  And it is possible to sell a house and leave the furniture behind.  In some cases, this actually increases the value of the Hall County home, while in others, it can negatively affect the sale price.

The Good

Advertising that the furniture will come with the Hall County home is enticing for those moving from a rental where they did not own their own furniture.  They may walk through the home and find that they love the furniture inside. Buyers imagine themselves in the home and may like the way it is currently decorated.  

When a Hall County homeowner leaves furniture in the property and the furniture is in good condition, it can help to increase the value of the home.  Buyers love to see appliances left behind and are willing to pay more for appliances and furniture if they need to. Also, using existing furniture to stage the home for maximum profit can be very beneficial to the sellers.  

The Bad

Hall County sellers with unique tastes may not want to leave their furniture behind.  Furthermore, buyers do not always love the décor ideas from the previous owner.  

Updating paint is one hassle buyers deal with on a regular basis.  Needing to get rid of all the furniture left behind by a homeowner is a major hassle for a buyer who hates the pieces.

Sellers need to keep in mind that if the furniture is in bad condition or is simply not appealing to Hall County buyers it can actually keep buyers from making offers.  Always think about how the buyers will view the furniture and avoid thinking about personal tastes.  

When it is all said and done, buyers have the ultimate say in what décor and furniture looks good and what looks bad.

Changing the Asking Price

Hall County homeowners do not want to leave furniture behind for free.  They will need to buy new furniture and using profits from the sale can help them invest in their next property.  To factor in the value of furniture in the asking price, the homeowner needs to consider the condition of the furniture.

Furniture that is left behind and is factored into the asking price needs to be in immaculate shape.  A home buyer will not pay extra for furniture that they are likely to throw away. They will need to pay for someone to dispose of the furniture if they are not going to use it.  That being said, furniture that is in great condition is more likely to be used by a home buyer.

Each Hall County seller and home buyer has different tastes in furniture and décor.  No two people like to decorate their house the same.  

However, there are some Hall County sellers who stage their home well and buyers like the furniture that is inside.  In these instances, selling a Hall County house with furniture can help a homeowner increase the value of their home and avoid needing to move these bulky items.  

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