How Decatur Homeowners can Determine What Your Home is Worth

How Decatur Homeowners can Determine What Your Home is Worth

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Decatur Homeowners

How Decatur Homeowners can Determine What Your Home is Worth

There are two times when Decatur homeowners wonder what their house is worth. The first is when they are getting ready to close on it for the first time. They are excited to buy it but want to make sure that they aren’t overpaying for it. Therefore, the value becomes very important.

The second time is when that same Decatur homeowners are getting ready to sell the house. They spend their hard earned money on it along with blood, sweat, and tears as well. That means they want to make sure they get every penny from it that they can. But, homeowners can’t do that if they don’t know the real value.

While these are the two times that everyone seems to want to know the value of their house it’s actually a good idea to always have an idea of the value. Knowledge is power and when you know the worth of your Decatur house you can make proper decisions about it.

Check out the comps

If you want to know the value of your Decatur home the best strategy is to look at what comps are selling for in the area. These are Decatur houses that are “comparable” to your house. They are in the same neighborhood or close by, roughly the same size, and style.

The more similar the house and property are to your house the more accurate the value is going to be.

What is a buyer willing to pay for it?

The reasons Decatur comps work in letting you know what your house is worth is because your home is only worth what another buyer is willing to pay for it. Decatur homeowners can decide on whatever price you want, or what you think it’s worth, but if someone isn’t willing to buy it at that price then it really doesn’t matter.

Tips on choosing a selling price

If you are interested in finding out the value of your Decatur house because you want to sell it then there are some things to keep in mind. The first is that you need to know what comps are selling for in your area. We already discussed this, but it’s important to know when selling because this is the information that buyers are going to be looking at when they decide how much to offer on your house.

You also want to avoid choosing strange pricing. If you go shopping it’s normal to see sales prices end with 99 or even .99 but you don’t want to do this when selling a house. Choose a number that makes sense being over the top or gimmicky.

At the same time, Decatur homeowners want to avoid pricing too high. Even though you know that many buyers might try to talk you down in price if you choose an accurate number from the start, you will have the proof to back your numbers. Pricing too high could be a turnoff for some serious buyers.

Even if you aren’t selling it is a good idea for Decatur homeowners to know the value of your house. If you have questions or are not sure where to begin, you can talk to a real estate appraiser or a local real estate agent.


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