Home Sellers: Kick Up Your Curb Appeal

Home Sellers: Kick Up Your Curb Appeal

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Home SellersAre you looking to sell your home? And are you wanting to make sure you sell it at the price you have been thinking? Home sellers might not think it is doable, but it definitely can be.

When someone is looking to buy a home, the first thing they consider is the outside of the home and what it looks like. After all, this is the first thing people see. Curb appeal is the what makes your home appealing to the eye for all guests and visitors, especially those who are interested in purchasing your home.

Therefore, curb appeal can be very important, holding a lot of weight in making your house ready to be sold.

Here in this article, we highlight some of the ways that home sellers can increase your home’s outside look to make it ready to be sold.

  1. Take Action

Increasing the curb appeal of your home can be an expensive process, so the first thing you will want to do is to do everything that you can on your own. Start by “beautifying” your house by power washing the exterior, washing the windows, replacing any broken shutters or siding and bricks, etc.

Anything that you can think of to make your home more appealing and eye-catching, do it! You never know how this can increase the value of your home.

  1. Consider Landscaping

Recent studies have found the landscaping alone can increase the value of your home, anywhere from 5.5% to 12.7%. This can translate into thousands of dollars and can make your home specialized on the market.

Start by doing all the landscape yourself first. Landscaping can be a lot of work, but it can also be expensive to have it professionally done.

By doing as much as you can on your own (if not all of it), you will be saving more money than you might have originally anticipated. Plus, your home’s value will be skyrocketing, so you could think about it as doing your own landscaping so you will be making you extra cash when you sell at a higher price.

  1. Details Matter

Look at all of the details of your home’s exterior. Examine the mailbox, light fixtures, the color of the front door, the condition of the front door, the condition and color of the roof, the condition of the sidewalk and the steps, etc.

When you consider how much “life” these items still have to offer and make adjustments accordingly, you can truly improve the first impression of your home in little to no time at all.

  1. Pull Out the Trimmers

Lastly, if your house has bushes, give them a good trim. This could sound like a frivolous tip, but it can make a big difference.

Have you ever compared a house with untrimmed shrubs to a house with trimmed shrubs? The difference in curb appeal on those houses is astounding, no matter what the houses themselves look like!

These quick tips above can help you make your home more eye-catching in little time, hopefully boosting your home’s price as a result.

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