Home Buyers: Choosing Wisely Now to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse Later

Home Buyers: Choosing Wisely Now to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse Later

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Home BuyersThe longer home buyers looks for a house, the more solid their idea of the perfect house becomes. The more specific a person is with their wants and must-have features in the house, the more likely they will experience buyer’s remorse. Going all out and spending extra money on the long list of wants can be a one-way ticket to wondering what happened once the contract is signed.  

Buying Too Large

Many home buyers dream of having a large house. One with enough bedrooms for the children and two guests, a giant living room, an extra office and gym area, and rooms just in case. While a busy and growing family may end up using all this room, it is likely not needed.

The larger the home, the more will be spent trying to keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Not to mention the maintenance and process of cleaning a large house. The more rooms there are, the messier it can become.

Think About Expanding

Buying a mid-sized home can be the smart play. It is likely to accommodate any mid-sized family’s needs. If the family outgrows the home, expanding on the existing house is a way to avoid moving into a larger home. The problem lies in the architecture of the home.  

A one or two-story home will be easier to add on to. The extra rooms can be added on to either side of the house or the back, depending on the space available. A house that is a split foyer is going to be much harder to add on to, since there is a distinct area where the house must either go into the upstairs or the downstairs.


Consider the future. If this home is going to be a forever home, stairs are hard. Children fall down them, it gets tiring carry clothes up and down them, and once homeowners start to feel their aches and pains of old age, they will be cursing those stairs.  

Kitchen Islands

There are many modern kitchens that feature an island. While it is great to have the added space, consider actually using the kitchen. When a few people start prepping, is the island just an obstacle to move around? Is it in an ideal space so it is out of the way and can be used by children while the parents cook? Many times the placement of an island is less than ideal.

Updates From Old Owners

When looking at a fully updated and upgraded house, it is easy to fall in love. Take off the love goggles and consider what is really in the house. Are all of these updates helpful or will they cause trouble in the end? Many people opt to make a bathroom seem bigger by taking out the tub and using only a shower. While this can help with storage, where is the dog going to get a bath when it rolls in mud?

Pools are a Liability

Seeing a pool may make many home buyers excited. The idea of backyard pool parties comes to mind. The maintenance and cleaning of a pool can be expensive and exhausting. If the family is only going to swim twice a summer, it may be better to buy a pool pass and let someone else do the work.

Modern Design

Liking a certain design of a house is great, until that trend goes out of style. If the house is completely centered around the current hot trends, it may be harder to sell later. Instead of purchasing because it is popular now, look for a house that will hold its charm despite the years.

Home buyers who know what they want and tries to find a house that fits all of their wants and dreams. These dreams seem great on paper, but in practice, they may fall short. Think about expenses, maintenance, and upkeep when choosing to purchase a house because of certain qualities.  

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