6 Inexpensive and Easy Curb Appeal Projects for Decatur Home Sellers

6 Inexpensive and Easy Curb Appeal Projects for Decatur Home Sellers

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Curb Appeal

6 Inexpensive and Easy Curb Appeal Projects for Decatur Home Sellers

When Decatur home sellers think about putting their house on the market, they start to think of all the problems it has.  The leaky faucet, the creaky floorboards in the bedroom, and so many other issues that you know need to be fixed. However, few Decatur home sellers think about their yard.  

Curb appeal is one of the most important areas to focus on to get great offers.  And thankfully, there is no need to spend a ton of money to achieve. Instead, simply consider these inexpensive curb appeal projects.

Clean It

The number one problem Decatur home sellers have with curb appeal is simply not cleaning their driveway, sidewalks, and siding.  A power washer can be used on a driveway and sidewalk to wash away any leftover grime from cars, as well as, built up dirt.

Easy-to-Care-For Plants

Every guide for better curb appeal says to add in more plants to the yard.  They can bring color and more life to an area. But what Decatur home sellers want to add taking care of plants to their list of things to do?  

Do not ignore this step simply add in easy to care for plants. Instead, find plants that do well with mulch.  Putting mulch down can reduce the amount of work being put into the curb appeal. And there are plenty of beautiful plants that can be added that will work well in these environments.

A Plant That Does It All

When it comes to inexpensive and easy curb appeal implementation, one plant that is a must is the honeysuckle.  A honeysuckle plant does not need a lot of sunlight and it is extremely hard to kill. It has vibrant colors and throws off a wonderful scent.  This is why it can be the perfect plant for next to the front door as buyers walk in.

In Perfect Symmetry

People love symmetry, even if they do not realize it.  It is visually appealing and people will notice it much more than one pot off to the corner.  

With this in mind, the best place for two flower pots is on either side of the front door.  It gives a clear beautiful walkway with that added touch of symmetry.

The Door

Few people think of their front door and say “that looks wonderful.”  It is time to change that!

Painting a door can be an easy curb appeal tool, adding color and making it look like new.  

Most homeowners choose to use traditional colors like black, grays, or whites.  However, there is a rising trend to think outside of the box and try a “statement” color instead.  

Their First Steps In

Something easy to do to instantly step up the curb appeal game is to buy a new welcome mat.  Pair this with a wreath hanging on the door and it gives the space the feeling of a well put together household.  Buyers imagine their childhood homes when they see this pairing and will instantly want to see more of the home.

Showing a Decatur house is not always about showing off the inside.  Enter curb appeal. Making a buyer fall in love with a house before coming in the door is going to help lock down a sale.  Buyers who enjoy their walkthrough will put in an offer faster and at a higher amount.

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